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Thursday, 17 March 2011

UK MPs warn the Government!! student visa proposals could 'cripple' Education sector!!

A cross-party group of MPs has heavily criticised the government's proposals to reduce the number of international students entering the UK.
The Home Affairs select committee strongly recommended the government abandon plans to raise the level of English required to gain a visa.
The MPs also said there was evidence the plans were based on flawed data and risked crippling a thriving industry.
The Home Office said it wants to make the system less open to abuse.
The government has pledged to reduce net migration from its current level of 220,000 to tens of thousands annually by 2015.
In December it published a consultation document outlining a series of proposals to tighten the entry requirements for non-EU students.
"The government has stated that it does not wish to target legitimate students but, at the same time, we would caution against measures which could be detrimental to a thriving, successful industry," the MPs wrote.
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