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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Big shame!!Pastor, wife in showdown in church

There was drama in a church in Kesses, Uasin Gishu County last Sunday when a pastor and his wife quarrelled in church.
The incident, which almost disrupted the Sunday service started when the pastor’s wife stood to welcome the women’s choir. The pastor stopped her when she begun introducing herself and explaining the songs they planned to sing. He explained there was no time left and hence the choir could not sing.
He instructed the congregation to bow down for a prayer. The embarrassed woman objected her husband and instead started singing. She requested the congregation to join her insisting there was enough time to praise God.
The congregation got confused and they did not know whom to follow. The wife, who had introduced herself as Jane, continued to sing while the pastor started to pray. The pastor become angry and took away the microphone from her.
In a fit of bitterness, Jane started shouting to her husband. She accused him of being a pretender leading the Lords sheep astray. She claimed the pastor was unfaithful and she had previously caught him with other people wives.
"I have tolerated you for a long time and at the end you reward me by embarrassing me before the congregation. You are a hypocrite," she said.
The puzzled flock could not believe what they heard and they started to walk out one by one. They gathered in to small groups outside the church to discuss the issue. Some supported the pastor while others sided with Jane.
Meanwhile, Jane announced using the loud speakers that she wanted to divorce her husband. The announcement stirred the congregation and those who were out streamed back into the church to witness the happenings. By the time they got in, the pastor was begging for forgiveness from his wife. Jane was bitter and she went further to accuse her husband of misusing the church funds by purchasing personal property.
The situation was calmed by the elders who could no longer tolerate them washing dirty linen in public. The two were ushered out of the church and they were told to solve their marital issues at home. They were accompanied by some church elders. The congregation was urged to calm down and allow the service to proceed. They refused and demanded the pastor be brought back to explain himself.
A woman stood up and informed the congregation that much of what was said was true. She informed them the pastor was visiting her frequently but after realising what he wanted she stopped him. Two other women confessed the same. The irate congregation threatened to attack the pastor but the elders calmed them down.
The elders left the assistant pastor addressing the flock while they went in the vestry to discuss the issue. After about 20 minutes they came back and the eager congregation was silent to hear their decision.
After apologizing on behalf of the leadership for allowing such a thing to take place in their church, the senior elder stated they would not allow few people to spoil the image of the church. He concluded the elders have decided to excommunicate the pastor from the church until further notice. The followers were happy because of the decision and some said the same should be done to errant members.
Despite pleas from her husband and people who helped them tie a year ago, Jane vowed to divorce the pastor.
"I would rather remain single instead of being a wife to a pretender," she said.
Source;The standard in Nairobi Kenya

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