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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Huduma ya kikombe yaruhusiwa mkoani mbeya!! ni baada ya kusitishwa kwa saa kadhaa..

Kaimu mkuu wa mkoa wa Mbeya mh.Moses Chitama  akitoa kibali cha kuendeleza kikombe...
Hatimaye lile sakata la kusitishwa kwa huduma ya utoaji wa dawa ya vikombe viwili mkoani Mbeya limefikia mwisho baada ya Serikali kuamua kuruhusu huduma hiyo kuendelea kama kawaida jambo ambalo limepokewa kwa furaha na wanachi wa jijini Mbeya na maeneo ya jirani.
Soma zaidi: mbeya yetu

Waziri wa afya wa Kenya aja na mpya!!Ataka huduma ya Babu Loliondo isitishwe na yeye akamatwe....

Hebu angalia video hii umsikie huyu waziri wa afya nchini Kenya na maoni yake juu ya huduma ya babu kule Loliondo kisha toa maoni yako wewe unalionaje hili je yupo sahihi kuwa huduma hii ifungwe?
Na je hoja ya waziri huyu wa Kenya ni ipi watu kupita njia za panya kuja kwa babu au ni tiba inayotolewa na babu?
Toa maoni yako baada ya kuingalia video hii.

Big shame!!Pastor, wife in showdown in church

There was drama in a church in Kesses, Uasin Gishu County last Sunday when a pastor and his wife quarrelled in church.
The incident, which almost disrupted the Sunday service started when the pastor’s wife stood to welcome the women’s choir. The pastor stopped her when she begun introducing herself and explaining the songs they planned to sing. He explained there was no time left and hence the choir could not sing.
He instructed the congregation to bow down for a prayer. The embarrassed woman objected her husband and instead started singing. She requested the congregation to join her insisting there was enough time to praise God.
The congregation got confused and they did not know whom to follow. The wife, who had introduced herself as Jane, continued to sing while the pastor started to pray. The pastor become angry and took away the microphone from her.
In a fit of bitterness, Jane started shouting to her husband. She accused him of being a pretender leading the Lords sheep astray. She claimed the pastor was unfaithful and she had previously caught him with other people wives.
"I have tolerated you for a long time and at the end you reward me by embarrassing me before the congregation. You are a hypocrite," she said.
The puzzled flock could not believe what they heard and they started to walk out one by one. They gathered in to small groups outside the church to discuss the issue. Some supported the pastor while others sided with Jane.
Meanwhile, Jane announced using the loud speakers that she wanted to divorce her husband. The announcement stirred the congregation and those who were out streamed back into the church to witness the happenings. By the time they got in, the pastor was begging for forgiveness from his wife. Jane was bitter and she went further to accuse her husband of misusing the church funds by purchasing personal property.
The situation was calmed by the elders who could no longer tolerate them washing dirty linen in public. The two were ushered out of the church and they were told to solve their marital issues at home. They were accompanied by some church elders. The congregation was urged to calm down and allow the service to proceed. They refused and demanded the pastor be brought back to explain himself.
A woman stood up and informed the congregation that much of what was said was true. She informed them the pastor was visiting her frequently but after realising what he wanted she stopped him. Two other women confessed the same. The irate congregation threatened to attack the pastor but the elders calmed them down.
The elders left the assistant pastor addressing the flock while they went in the vestry to discuss the issue. After about 20 minutes they came back and the eager congregation was silent to hear their decision.
After apologizing on behalf of the leadership for allowing such a thing to take place in their church, the senior elder stated they would not allow few people to spoil the image of the church. He concluded the elders have decided to excommunicate the pastor from the church until further notice. The followers were happy because of the decision and some said the same should be done to errant members.
Despite pleas from her husband and people who helped them tie a year ago, Jane vowed to divorce the pastor.
"I would rather remain single instead of being a wife to a pretender," she said.
Source;The standard in Nairobi Kenya

Friday, 25 March 2011

9 ways to dump someone!!

I had to end a fledgling relationship this week. I really didn't want to do it. Or at least, I wanted to do it by text. But after a brief discussion with a female pal, I was persuaded that I should pick up the phone. Calling isn't my normal style because I don't like it when girls shout at me. Plus, there are so many alternatives…
1) Face to face
Firstly, I should make clear that in a serious relationship, I would always conduct this nasty business in person. And maybe in a casual relationship too, if forced...

Pros: Instant right to reply for the dumpee.
Cons: You are vulnerable to the threat of tears and possible violence.
2) Ignoring
This very common tactic involves blanking your lover until they work out that it's over. At first, they will send lots of texts and mails. Eventually, they will give up.

Pros: You never have to officially dump them.
Cons: They will never know for sure why you stopped contacting them; they may even think you are dead.

3) Text/email 

The fastest, simplest and by far most popular method of ending a casual fling is to fire off a carefully-worded message. Almost everyone has received - or dished out - some form of electronic dumping. But killjoys deem it impolite.
Pros: Fits in perfectly with a fast-paced modern lifestyle.
Cons: The victim could receive the message at an unfortunate moment, such as during an important business meeting or while they’re having a really good time at Alton Towers.
4) Letter
I suppose this was considered the text dumping of its day. But now it seems slightly more classy and respectful. At least you're paying for a stamp.

Pros: Old-fashioned and somehow romantic. Your jilted lover can keep it forever as a memento of how much of a schmohawk you are.

Cons: You have to pay for a stamp.

5) Facebook
The ’relationship status’ option on Facebook is the best way of keeping up-to-date with your friends' love lives... so why not your own too? Just change your status and your newly-dumped ex will receive the news straight to their Wall.

Pros: For you, it's painless. Just the simple click of a button.
Cons: Your ex will be furious and may retaliate by announcing to Facebook that you have a small willy.
This is similar to the letter but less comprehensive. It could be piece of paper through the letterbox or a Post-it note stuck to their box of Alpen. The key is the brevity.

Pros: Everyone likes receiving little notes, it’s fun.
Cons: You’d have to pick a strategic time to leave the note, otherwise you could get caught and end up in a face-to-face situation.

6) Via someone else
This only generally happens when you are under the age of 15. It happened to me once in my school lunch break while I was queuing up in Dixy Fried Chicken and it was brutal. 

Pros: If they cry, you don't have to see it.
Cons: Not acceptable behaviour if you are an adult.
7) In public
At a Birmingham City football match last weekend, a fan proposed to his girlfriend on the pitch. So why not do the opposite and announce to the world your decision to end it? Maybe the announcer could do it when they read out the birthdays. Or you could request a shout-out on your lover’s favourite radio station.

Pros: This could be her 15 seconds of fame.
Cons: Live broadcasting is unpredictable and they may omit your dedication.
8) Don’t tell them
Tell your friends and family you've split up, chat people up in bars, go online dating, stop having sex - essentially, become single. Just don't tell your partner about it.

Pros: Awkward dumping conversation avoided.
Cons: There's a high chance they will eventually find out you have stopped going out with them and then bad things will happen.
9) Phone call
As for me, I opted against all these methods and called her. I semi-rehearsed what I was going to say; my main aim was to avoid clichés such as "it's not you, it's me" and not to panic and tell her I was gay. I bumbled through it awkwardly, using the phrase "I really like you but…" more than once (it was true though). And although she went a bit quiet, the conversation ended on fairly amicable terms. I didn't feel great, but I felt like slightly less of an arsehole than if I’d used the methods above.
online source!!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


We assist international students across the globe who wishes to study in Tanzania and the Students from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi who wish to study in the United Kingdom.
We offer consultancy services to Tanzanian and UK universities and educational institutions wanting to enter international markets.
Today we have an expert team of academic consultants and admissions staff.
It is on these principles that RUSOMA has earned its reputation as a Tanzania’s premier international student recruitment agency.

Our Online Application process is completely free of charge.
Just complete the below form, providing as much information as possible.
Within 24 hours, one of our professionally trained and friendly student counselors will contact you to discuss your application and to let you know what documentation you need to provide. We will also explain the academic and English language requirements for your requested program.
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RUSOMA Services LTD has developed a very strong system in which we are in a position to develop a data base of the talented candidates whereby our clients (employers) will enjoy their talents.
In order to attain efficiency and in a very effective way our core objective; we have developed and adopt various strategies.
We are aware that, in Tanzania there is no any company which dealing with looking for field placement for colleges and universities students. At this point RUSOMA Services LTD is proud to be the first company in Tanzania to provide this service.
RUSOMA needs right candidates for the right positions. Through our system of recruiting field students we will be in a position to identify the right candidates whose can coupe with current global changes and work in multicultural environment. We are very committed to utilize our all assessment mechanism in order to achieve our core objectives.
This service is almost free of charge, however our customers are requested to contribute a token amount of TZS 20,000/= which will cover stationeries and communications. Please feel free to deposit at Kenya Commercial Bank Account No.3300449162 and then email to us your pay in slip or make a payment by using M-Pesa via 0767 500049.
If you are talented, capable and determine student do not hesitate to forward with confidence your detailed CV wherein you should specify which regions and districts of your preference to be attached, and full contacts of two referees.
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*Special fees £6950 for the entire program

Rusoma will provide free of charge visa process consultation including documentation.
We are proud to announce that we have developed a strong partnerships with companies deals with accommodation arrangements and landlords for those who will choose to homestay (Most of the students prefer homestay)
Rusoma have developed a close relationship with some recruitment agency in London, our customers will be connected free of charge with these agencies.

Tel: +255 767 500049 or +255 657 210440

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Idadi ya waliokufa kwenye ajari ya five stars modern taarabu yafikia 13!!

NYOTA ya kikundi cha muziki wa taarab cha Five Stars iliyong’ara katika ulimwengu wa muziki imezimika ghafla usiku wa kuamkia leo baada ya gari walilokuwa wakisafiria kupata ajali eneo la Doma mkoani Morogoro na kuua wanamuziki 13 papo hapo.

Ajali hiyo ilitokea saa mbili usiku wakati hicho kikiwa safarini kuja Dar es Salaam kikitokea Mbeya na Iringa kilikofanya tamasha la muziki.

Ajali hiyo ilitokea baada ya gari walimokuwa wakisafiria kuligonga kwa nyuma lori lenye shehena ya mbao lililokuwa limesimama maeneo ya kijiji cha Doma, mpakani mwa mbuga ya wanyama ya Mikumi, Kilosa mkoani Morogoro.

Baadhi ya waliokufa katika ajali hiyo wametajwa kuwa ni pamoja na kiongozi wa bendi hiyo, Nasoro Madenge, Issa Kijoti, Husna Mapande na Sheba Juma (ambaye alikuwa mpiga kinanda)

Wengine ni Hamisa Musa, Omari Hashimu, Omary Hashimu (mpiga gitaa), Tizzo Mgunda, Ramadhan Kinyoa, Omary Tall 'Fundi Mitambo', Haji ‘Mbeba Vyombo’ na
Nassor Madenge (Mhasibu).

Wengine watatu ambao majina yao hayajafahamika, wawili kati yao ni marafiki wa Hummer Q aliyeimba wimbo wa ‘Pembe la Ng'ombe’ ambaye amenusurika katika ajali hiyo baada ya kushuka njiani.

Wengine walionusurika katika ajali hiyo ni Ally Juma 'Ally J', Mwanahawa Ally, Samila, Issa Kamongo, Mwanahawa, Zenna Mohamed, Shaaban Mfupi ' Fundi Mitambo', Rajabu Kondo na mwingine aliyefahamika kwa jina moja la Haji.

Mwenyekiti wa kikundi hicho, Khamis Slim, amesema wamepokea kwa masikitiko taarifa za ajali hiyo hizo na yeye pia amenusurika kwa kuwa hakuwapo kwenye ziara hiyo kwa sababu alikuwa amefiwa.

“Sina cha kuzungumza zaidi, lakini pengo tuliloachiwa ni kubwa mno na nadhani hakuna atakayeweza kuliziba,” amesema Slim na kuongeza, “Tumepoteza vijana wengi wenye uwezo wa hali ya juu wa kisanii. Hili ni pigo kwa kundi, vikundi, taifa na familia pia kutokana na michango yao katika fani hiyo.”

Five Stars imetamba kwa nyimbo za Wapambe Msitujadili (Nchumu nchumu tena mwawah!) wa Musa Kijoti, La Uchungu Halisauliki' (Zenna), Riziki Mwanzo wa Chuki, Shukrani kwa Mpenzi na nyinginezo.

Kwa mujibu wa Kamanda wa Polisi Mkoa wa Morogoro, Adolphina Chialo, ajali hiyo ilitokea saa 2:30 usiku wa kuamkia leo eneo la kijiji cha Doma wakati gari walilokuwa wakisafiria wasanii hao lenye namba T 351 BGE aina ya Toyota Coaster kuligonga kwa nyuma lori lenye nambari T 848 APE lililokuwa na tela lenye namba T 559 BBE likiwa na shehena ya mbao ambalo lilikuwa limesimama kijijini hapo baada ya kuharibika.

Inadaiwa kuwa gari lililowabeba wasanii hao lilikuwa katika mwendo kasi na lilipojaribu kulipita lori hilo kulitokea lori jingine mbele yaka lililokuwa likitokea Morogoro kwenda Iringa lenye nambari T 530 BHY na tela nambari T 182 BKB ambalo nalo lilikuwa katika mwendo kasi hivyo dereva wa gari la wasanii hao akalazimika kurudi kushoto na kuligonga kwa nyuma lori lililoharibika.

Kamanda wa Polisi Kikosi cha Usalama Barabarani mkoa wa Morogoro, Ibrahim Mwamakula, amesema chanzo cha ajali hiyo ni uzembe wa dereva wa gari la wasanii hao.

Kamanda Mwamakula amesema miili ya marehemu hao imeharibika vibaya kwani mbali na kukandamizwa na vyuma vya gari lao, walichomwa na kutobolewa tobolewa miili yao na mbao zilizokuwa katika roli lililogongwa.

Kamanda Mwamakula amesema wasanii hao walikuwa katika ziara ya kikazi katika wilaya ya Kyela mkoani Mbeya na walikuwa wakirejea baada ya kumaliza ziara hiyo.

Amesema vyombo vya muziki vya wasanii hao vilivyokuwa ndani ya gari hilo vimeharibika kabisa.

Kamanda Mwamakula amesema miili ya marehemu hao imehifadhiwa katika chumba cha kuhifadhia maiti katika Hospitali ya Mkoa wa Morogoro wakati , majeruhi tisa wa ajali hiyo wanaendelea na matibabu hospitalini hapo.

Februari mwaka huu kulitokea taarifa za kikundi hicho kudaiwa kupata ajali maeneo ya Chalinze ambapo ilidaiwa robo tatu ya wasanii wake walifariki dunia.

Wasanii hao walidaiwa kuwa walikuwa wakitoka mikoa ya jirani kwenye onesho la muziki, jambo ambalo baadaye lilibainika kuwa ni uvumi.

Hivi karibuni mtabiri maarufu wa nyota Afrika Mashariki na Kati, Sheikh Yahya Hussein, alitabiri kuwa wasanii maarufu, waandishi maarufu na vigogo watakufa mwaka huu.

Pia aliwahi kutabiri kuwa atatokea mganga ambaye atatoa tiba za magonjwa sugu ukiwamo UKIMWI, utabiri ambao unadaiwa kutimia baada ya kujitokeza mchungaji mstaafu wa KKKT, Ambilikile Mwasapile, wa Loliondo mkoani Arusha.

“Mimi simlengi yeyote katika utabiri wangu, lakini nyota inaonesha kuwa bado hali hiyo itaendelea na kuna uwezekano wa waandishi wa habari kufa,” amesema Sheikh Yahya leo asubuhi.

Hata hivyo, akizungumza kwa njia ya simu amesema amepokea kwa masikitiko taarifa hizo kwa kuwa ni pengo ndani ya jamii kutokana na mchango wa wasanii hao.

Mungu izilaze mahali pema peponi roho za wasanii hawa.

source;DAr leo

Monday, 21 March 2011


Five Star Modern Taarab wamepata ajari na tour basi maeneo ya Mikumi leo usiku huu, na kwa taarifa mbazo blog hii  imezipata ni kwamba watu zaidi ya watano wamefariki, Inasemekana kuwa kundi hilo la Five Modern Taarab lilikuwa njiani kurejea jijini Dar es salaam wakiwa kwenye basi lao dogo aina ya costa liligonga loli lililokuwa mbele yake.Tutaendelea kukupasha habari kadri zitakavyokuwa zinatufikia,natuendelee kuwa na subira na pia kuwaombea ndugu zetu hawa.

Words that undermined your CV!!

Creating a winning CV is a feat of strategy involving focus, wording, design and content selection. To achieve a career marketing document that wins interviews, all areas of the strategy must be spot-on and consciously used in the most effective manner. One of the most common mistakes job candidates make when writing their CVs is not paying attention to strategy and word selection.
There are actually words that can have a detrimental impact on the effectiveness of the CV. When most job candidates write them, they don't consider word choice because they are primarily worried about getting down the basic information. Wording is critical and the wrong one can sabotage your CV.

The average agent and/or hiring manager sees hundreds of CVs from qualified candidates. CVs begin to look and sound the same to them. Here are some words and phrases to avoid:
Soft-skill descriptions
Job seekers feel they need to communicate their soft-skills to the employer because they believe they are the traits that make them unique, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Soft-skills are so common that recruiters pay no attention to them.
Phrases to avoid or severely limit:
- Excellent communication skills
- Strong work ethic
- Personable presenter
- Detail-oriented
Do not bore the reader to tears with these trite, overused and tired phrases. After all, no one will write that he/she takes long lunches, is lazy and argues a lot with peers. Hence, it is much more effective to write a description that is action-based and demonstrates these abilities rather than just laying claim to them. For example, rather than just stating you are an "excellent presenter," you could say "Developed and presented 50+ multi-media presentations to prospects resulting in 35 new accounts, totalling £300,000 in new revenues." 
Age, health, appearance
Many seasoned job seekers are facing that scary time warp known as pre-retirement and fear age discrimination. They feel they can counter this perceived hurdle by giving a description of their age or health. But this can be death to a CV.
Phrases to avoid:
- Youthful
- Athletic
- Fit
- Healthy
- Mature
Additionally, unless specifically requested, there is no need to include personal details such as date of birth, marital status or whether you have children. This information is typically used to exclude candidates from consideration in the hiring process rather than include them. Unless the employer specifically asks, keep this information confidential.
Passive voice
Many people write in the passive voice because that is how we've been taught "formally" in school composition. The problem with the passive voice, however, is that it is just that passive! A CV needs to have punch and sparkle and communicate an active, aggressive candidate. Passive does not accomplish that.
Indicators of the passive voice:
- Responsible for
- Duties included
- Served as
- Actions encompassed
Rather than saying "Responsible for management of three direct reports" change it up to "Managed 3 direct reports." It is a shorter, more direct mode of writing and adds impact to the way the CV reads. On the flip side, whilst action verbs are great, don't overdo it. 
I have actually seen:
- Smashed numbers through the roof'
- 'Electrified sales team to produce...'
- 'Pushed close rate by 10 per cent'

Take your time
A CV is a marketing document for your career just as a brochure is a marketing document for a product or service. Companies put careful thought and consideration into each and every word that goes into marketing copy and you should do the same in your CV. These words stand in your place with the employer and need to showcase you in a powerful way. In a perfect world, these things would not matter, but in the reality of job search today, they matter a great deal.  Be wise - stop and give some thought to the words you choose.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

World's Worst Football Haircutsw
An alien visitor to this planet could easily be lured into thinking that top-level football matches were unusually combative fashion shows, hosted by tripped out hairdressers. As it is, millions of terrestrial football spectators appear fated to be constantly astonished and bemused by the experimental hairdos which some of the world's most famous football-players plant on their craniums.
Here's our list of the top 5 football do's that are dont's:


David Beckham of England sports his new haircut during the International Friendly match between South Africa and England held on May 22, 2003 at The ABSA Stadium, in Durban, South Africa. England won the match 2-1. (Photo by Phil Cole/Getty Images)
None other than football fashion icon, David Beckham, provides us with our most poignant example of why blonde white men shouldn't flirt with traditional African hairstyles. We refer, of course, to the brief appearance of cornrows on Beckham's constantly mutating pate.
This arrangement succeeded in making Beckham look like something evil that had escaped off the set of Star Trek, and was soon banished by Beckham (perhaps at the behest of companies wary of having their products endorsed by a  Klingon).
Some have suggested that Beckham contracted the hairstyle from Manchester United teammate Rio Ferdinand.


Ronaldo of Brazil lines up before the World Cup Final match between Germany and Brazil played at the International Stadium Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan on June 30, 2002. Brazil won the match 2-0. (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images)
Finding an appropriate name for the monstrosity on Ronaldo's head during the 2002Football World Cup was somewhat of a challenge, as it is apparently the only recorded historical instance of this haircut.
We eventually settled for the term 'tonsure', a word used to refer to the shaven crowns of medieval monks. We then speculated that Ronaldo's effort to shave his head, leaving just half an oval of hair on his forehead, was an attempt to detract attention away from his teeth.
Whatever Ronaldo's reasons for assuming this hairstyle, the end result created the impression that the best striker in the world at the time, was in fact a neolithic monk who had suffered an unfortunate run-in with a stoned shamanic hairdresser in the depths of the Amazon rainforest.


Nigerian defender Taribo West plays with the ball during a training session of his team 22 January 2002, during the African Nations Cup tournament in Bamako. Nigeria beat Algeria 21 January. (Photo by FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images)
Whilst pigtails might be an acceptable punishment to inflict on footballers who roll around in agony after receiving a dirty look from an opposition player in the penalty area, they have no place on the head of any self-respecting international footballer.
Nigeria and AC Milan defender Taribo West thought differently, however. During a career that spanned decades, West performed his duties beneath a truly ridiculous set of miniature pigtails, each of which appeared to have been impaled with a cocktail umbrella.

The Mullet

Roberto Baggio of Brescia in action during the Serie A match between Torino and Brescia, played at the Stadio Delle Alpi, Turin, Italy on November 2, 2002. (Photo by Grazia Neri/Getty Images)
Throughout football history mullets have gripped onto the heads of the world's finest footballers like hillbilly demons out of a Chuck Norris nightmare. During all this time, the basic principles of this hairstyle have remained unchanged: short in front, long at back - moustache optional.
Otherwise apparently sane and decent guys, the footballers who have been afflicted by mullets include England international Chris Waddle, Liverpool striker Fernando Torres, German international Rudi Voller and, of course, Roberto Baggio, who teased his mullet into a permed ponytail.

Gel Sculptures

Abel Xavier of Los Angeles Galaxy, Kazujuki Toda of Japan and Carlos Valderrama of the Colorado Rapids.
Some footballers wear hairstyles so bizarre that they defy crass categorisation. Virtually the only thing these creations have in common is that they require industrial quantities of super-glue strength styling gel.
Amongst the most notable gel sculptures are Abel Xavier's peroxided dome, Japanese international Kayazuki Toda's impression of a mohawk in flames, David James' lock-down fringe parting/helmet, and whatever it is that has been living on Carlos Valderrama's head for the duration of his career.
(Alright, Valderrama's hairstyle doesn't appear to involve gel but it's definitely worthy of an honourable mention).

UK MPs warn the Government!! student visa proposals could 'cripple' Education sector!!

A cross-party group of MPs has heavily criticised the government's proposals to reduce the number of international students entering the UK.
The Home Affairs select committee strongly recommended the government abandon plans to raise the level of English required to gain a visa.
The MPs also said there was evidence the plans were based on flawed data and risked crippling a thriving industry.
The Home Office said it wants to make the system less open to abuse.
The government has pledged to reduce net migration from its current level of 220,000 to tens of thousands annually by 2015.
In December it published a consultation document outlining a series of proposals to tighten the entry requirements for non-EU students.
"The government has stated that it does not wish to target legitimate students but, at the same time, we would caution against measures which could be detrimental to a thriving, successful industry," the MPs wrote.
Read more;

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Siku moja baada ya Makamu Mwenyekiti wa umoja vijana (UVCCM) mkoani Pwani kutoa kauli kali ya kuwataka wajumbe wa sekretarieti ya chama cha mampinduzi waachie ngazi kwa kile alichokiita kushindwa kutimiza wajibu wao wa 'kumsaidia' mwenyekiti wao Rais Jakaya Kikwete.

Katibu wa Halmashauri Kuu ya Taifa ya Chama Cha Maponduzi (NEC) Itikadi na Uenezi, Bw. John Chiligati amesema licha ya Umoja wa Vijana wa chama hicho (UVCCM) kuwa na haki ya kutoa maoni, lakini hawana mamlaka ya kuiondoa sekretarieti madarakani.

Akifungua Baraza la Umoja wa Vijana Mkoani humo, Makamu Mwenyekiti wa umoja huo wa mkoani Pwani, Bw. Abdallah Ulega.......alisisitiza kuwa sekretaeti hiyo haifai kwa kuwa ilisababisha chama hicho kushinda kwa taabu katika uchaguzi mkuu uliopita, na kuwa ndiyo imekuwa ikitoa siri kwa chama cha upinzani cha CHADEMA.

Secreterieti hiyo inayoongozwa na Katibu Mkuu wa CCM, Bw. Yusuf Makamba, inajumuisha Manaibu Katibu Wakuu Bara, Kapteni George Mkuchika na Salehe Ramadhani Ferouz (Zanzibar), Katibu wa Itikadi na Uenenezi, Kapteni John Chiligati, Katibu wa Idara ya Uchumi na Fedha, Bw. Amos Makala na Katibu wa Mambo ya Nje na Ushirikiano wa Kimataifa, Bw. Bernard Membe.

Akizungumza jana Bw. Chiligati alisema kimsingi vijana hao wametumia uhuru wao ndani ya chama kutoa maoni yao na kwamba haoni sababu ya hatua hiyo kusumbua vichwa vya watu kwa kuwa ni jambo la kawaida kikatiba.

"Ni haki yao kutoa maoni, sioni cha ajabu hapo, vijana wana haki ya kuzungumza na kutoa maoni yao kwa uhuru kabisa.

"Lakini Secretarieti inachaguliwa na NEC na tunawajibika kwa NEC kupitia Kamati Kuu, hao waliotuchagua ndio wana mamlaka ya kutuondoa, lakini hilo haliwakatazi vijana kutoa maoni," alisema Chiligati.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Man united won agaist Marsaille to book a place to the champion league quater finals!!

United 2 Marseille 1

United are through to the Champions League quarter-finals thanks to a close-range couple from Javier Hernandez - but it was a far from comfortable night for the Reds after conceding a late away goal at Old Trafford.
Wes Brown's unfortunate own goal created an anxious last-eight minutes but Sir Alex Ferguson's men held out to win 2-1 and book a place in the last-eight draw alongside the likes of Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur.
Sir Alex Ferguson’s pre-match promise to go for it was reflected in his line-up as Nani and Ryan Giggs returned to the flanks and Paul Scholes was restored in the centre. The bench also had a strong emphasis on attack with the marauding midfield stars of Saturday’s FA Cup win over Arsenal, Rafael and Fabio, plus Antonio Valencia and Dimitar Berbatov among the seven subs. The defence, however, was not the expected quartet with a calf problem forcing Nemanja Vidic to join Rio Ferdinand on the sidelines.
Marseille, meanwhile, had top scorer Andre-Pierre Gignac back – he missed the first leg in France. Ex-United defender Gabriel Heinze started for the visitors in central defence, perhaps a safer haven than at left-back where Nani stretched him a fortnight ago.
The Reds engineered the perfect start from the opposite wing – United’s left. Rooney fed Ryan Giggs, scurried forward to collect the return

Gaddafi targets Benghazi, but rebels vow to fight on!!

 Libyan rebels on Sunday retreated from another key town under heavy shelling from government forces as Moamer Kadhafi loyalists swept closer towards the main opposition-held city of Benghazi.
But following the fall of Brega, the commander of the vastly outgunned rebels, Kadhafi's former interior minister, vowed to defend the next town in the path of Kadhafi's forces, Ajdabiya.
A lightning counter-offensive over the past week has pushed the rebels out of Mediterranean coastal towns, allowing the regime to wrest back the momentum against the month-long uprising against Kadhafi's four-decade grip on power.
Kadhafi's forces are "marching to cleanse the country" of insurgents, Libyan army spokesman Colonel Milad Hussein told reporters in Tripoli.
"Our raids are forcing the terrorists to flee. We have liberated Zawiyah, Uqayla, Ras Lanuf and Brega, and the army is advancing to liberate the rest of the regions."




Kufuatia majanga ya tetemeko na tsunami yaliyoikumba Japan tarehe 11 Machi, 2011, na matetemeko yanayoendelea (aftershocks), Ubalozi unapenda kuchukua nafasi hii kutoa pole kwa Watanzania na wananchi wa Japan waliokumbwa na misukosuko hiyo na kwa madhara yaliyotokana na majanga hayo. Kama ilivyoonyeshwa katika taarifa mbalimbali, maisha na mali nyingi za watu zimepotea, hususan wale waliopo mikoa ya Miyagi, Fukushima, Iwate na maeneo mengine.

Hali ya Usalama wa Watanzania wanaoishi Japan
Kwa ujumla ubalozi umekuwa ukifuatilia hali ya usalama ya Watanzania kwa ujumla tangu majanga hayo yalipotokea kwa kuwasiliana na Watanzania waliopo maeneo mbalimbali, jumuiya ya Watanzania na mamlaka ya Serikali ya Japan. Mpaka sasa taarifa zilizopo zinaonyesha kwamba Watanzania wote, hata wanaoishi katika maeneo yaliyokuwa na hatari zaidi wapo salama.

Endapo kuna Mtanzania ambaye ana taarifa muhimu kutokana na janga hili ni vyema akawasiliana na Ubalozi ili kutuwezesha kuchukua hatua stahiki. Ni vizuri kila Mtanzania akafahamu kuwa Ubalozi utaendelea na kazi ya kutafuta na kutoa taarifa kwa wananchi wake kwa jinsi unavyoendelea kuzipokea kutoka mamlaka ya Serikali husika. Kwa kufanya hivyo kutasaidia kuondoa uwezekano wa kutoa taarifa ambazo zitapingana na taarifa za Serikali ya Japan. Hivyo ni vyema kwa Watanzania kuwa na subira na usikivu, ili wote tuweze kuvuka salama.

Tahadhari kuhusu Mitambo ya Nuclear
Ubalozi unawasihi Watanzania waliopo katika maeneo ambayo tahadhari bado zinaendelea kutolewa kama Fukushima na maeneo mengine yaliyo karibu na Mitambo ya Nuclear Reactors kuendelea kusikiliza na kufuatilia kwa makini taarifa na maelekezo muhimu yanayoendelea kutolewa na Serikali ya Japan, ikiwa ni pamoja na kuondoka katika maeneo yote ambayo ni hatari na kwenda maeneo yaliyotengwa kwa ajili ya usalama wao.

Taarifa ya Mgao wa Umeme
TEPCO wametangaza Mgao wa Umeme (rolling blackout) kuanzia tarehe 14 Machi, 2011 katika maeneo ya Tokyo pamoja na mikoa ifuatayo; Gunma, Tochigi, Ibaraki, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Shizuoka na Yamanachi. Kata zitakazoathirika ni Taito, suginami, Shinagawa, Meguro, Ota, Setagaya, Toshima, Kita, ArakawA, Itabashi, Nerima, Adachi na Katsushika. Miji yote 26 ya Tokyo na Tama-gun nayo itaathirika pamoja na baadhi ya maeneo jirani na miji hiyo. TEPCO wametoa ratiba kamili katika Tovuti yao.

Serikali ya Japan inawaomba wakazi wote kupunguza matumizi ya umeme kadri inavyowezekana na kutosafiri nje ya maeneo yao kama hakuna ulazima wa kufanya hivyo, hususan kwa wanaoishi maeneo ya mikoa iliyotajwa, ili kukabiliana na upungufu uliopo. Vilevile, Serikali imetahadharisha uendeshaji wa magari kwa vile alama nyingi za barabarani zitakuwa hazifanyi kazi.

Kwa sababu ya mgao wa umeme treni nyingi na sub-ways Jijini Tokyo zitapunguza huduma. Tafadhali angalia tovuti za treni au njia za treni husika ili kujua ratiba zake mpya.

Usafiri wa Anga
Ubalozi unapenda kuwataarifu kuwa endapo kuna ndugu au jamaa yeyote anayetarajia kusafiri kuja Japan kusitisha safari hizo hadi hapo Serikali ya Japan itakapotoa taarifa za kutengamaa kwa hali hii inayoendelea hivi sasa. Aidha, kutakuwa na uchelewesho wa kuruka kwa ndege kutoka viwanja vya ndege vya Narita na Haneda, kwa wale wanaotarajiwa kusafiri kwa njia hiyo. Tafadhali wasiliana na Shirika unalosafiri nalo kwa taarifa zaidi.

Ni vyema pia ikafahamika kuwa suala la kutoa misaada kwa Serikali ya Japan kufuatia janga hili ni suala la Kiserikali na haliwezi kufanywa na mtu mmoja mmoja kama wengine tunavyodhani. Ziko njia sahihi za kutekeleza suala hili na taratibu zinafanyika.

Mawasiliano kwa ajili ya utoaji na upatikanaji wa taarifa mbalimbali

Pamoja na taarifa hii pia Ubalozi unapenda kutoa njia mbalimbali za mawasiliano zilizotolewa na Serikali ya Japan kwa ajili ya kupata taarifa za maafa, kutafuta waliopotea, na taarifa za tahadhari;

Kwa mawasiliano na Ubalozi tafadhali tumia namba za simu na email address zifuatazo:

090-9814-5959 Francis Mossongo,
080-35194229- Mrs. Jilly Maleko

Imetolewa na Ubalozi wa Tanzania
14Machi 2011